Welcome to PLU pvt.ltd a start up India and ONE DISTRICT ONE PRODUCT initiative is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of fresh organic Mkhaan.  Mkhaan मखान, स्वाद मिथिला का). Our product is 100% pure and organic, we never compromise with our quality. We are based in the heart of MITHILA in Manigachi, Darbhanga Bihar which produces around 80% of the world’s Mkhaan every year. The best quality of Mkhaan is grown in this region. PLU pvt.ltd is a Food Processing Company in technical collaboration with National Research Centre for Mkhaan (Agricultural Research) and with testing and process technology from Central Food Technological Research Institute of Mysore and ICAR (CIPHET) ludhiana is totally engaged with Mkhaan (Gorgon nut) processing with the help from 2300 Mkhaan (Gorgon nut) growers. 

We are a quality-oriented business house engaged in trading and manufacturing of various healthy products made from MKHAAN. Mkhaan is a traditional Indian food that has been thoroughly studied from ancient times and offers a whole host of nutritional benefits and makes a great addition to a healthy well-rounded diet. PLU realised the issues around Mkhaan cultivation and its processing and marketing . We help the farmers in Technical skill Development, hands – on training, Exposure and Marketing. Working on the strong ethical values, PLU is ardently committed for the fair and true business deals. We never compromise on the quality of our products. We are focused on client satisfaction and we always strive to bring superlative products to the market. On the grounds of our client centric approach, we have garnered a long list of reputed clients, based in every nook and corner of the country. We are committed to ensure that our products meet the Food safety standards.


Every business has a unique story even we have, our founder once travelling back to his hometown saw people working hard in their field to cultivate fox nut (known as mkhaan locally) When he studied about its production and marketing he felt that people are still doing in their conventional way and the profit is taken away by the middle man who sells it to the outside market. Upon doing complete research he came up with an idea to take Mkhaan to the international market. Where people will know about its importance and new inventions will come up to help poor farmers and labourers. Now Mkhaan (मखान, स्वाद मिथिला का) is a brand of PLU pvt.ltd which helps hundreds of farmers and labourers to lower down the risks and improve the quality of the Mkhaan.

Today, with the discovery of Mkhaan as the new superfood for a healthy life, world demand is rapidly rising. At PLU, we guarantee the supply of top quality raw or roasted Mkhaan in bulk. We are one of the largest Mkhaan manufacturers in Bihar. As the original, authentic pioneer of Mkhaan production, we know what we are talking about. You can rely upon us – we are the original, proper Pukka Mkhaan! Our consistent quality, long established, supply, and ethical business practices, has made us the preferred choice as a Mkhaan manufacturer and wholesaler supplier. Given our heritage, knowledge and experience, we are doing our utmost to lead and bring about change to benefit all involved in Mkhaan manufacturing. Our reputation, knowledge, and understanding of the Mkhaan marketplace are second to none. We pioneered the development of Mkhaan as an organic food source in Bihar. 

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