Super Food Mkhaan

Health Professionals

Mkhaan Snacking Tips

Today’s Fast Paced Life Specially In Urban Cities Has Led To High Consumption Of Unhealthy..

Mkhaan Portions

Mkhaan Has A Humble Beginning Which Can Be Dated Back To Over 200 Years Ago From..

Mkhaan In Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Or TCM Is A Popular Branch Of Traditional Medicine And Also..

Mkhaan Glycemic Index

Mkhaan Has A Low Glycemic Index (GI) And High In Fibre, Making It A Globally Recognised Nutrition Powerhouse.

Mkhaan And Pregnancy

Mkhaan Is Loaded With Nutrition And Forms And Can Be Consumed During Pregnancy Also.

Mkhaan And Diabetes

Figure Out The Benefits Of Makhana Or Gorgon Nut And Understand How It Helps People With Diabetes

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